Compensation Plan

2023 Whistler Blackcomb Bike School Compensation Plan

These documents are updated annually. It is intended to assist you in navigating our pay structure. Please do not share outside of the Snow School.

To update your certifications and/or experience, please email scanned copies of your documentation to

If you would like your pay to be accurate when you start work with us, you need to submit any certifications or documents 2 weeks before the season starts.

If during the season you obtain a new qualification, (i.e. new PMBI certification), please email WBSSPay by noon on Thursday. It can then be applied to the next pay cycle. Please note that we do not pay retroactively. Please not that any questions, concerns in regard to your pay should be directed to your supervisor or manager.

Certification Reimbursement

The Bike School reimbursement program is a program available to Bike School Coaches in good standing. It allows for the partial or full reimbursement of PMBIA course fees incurred by Coaches who are seeking further professional development. Please consult the document below for further details about the program.

2023 Whistler Bike School Certification Reimbursement Document