Bike School Training

Whistler Blackcomb Bike School offers the most comprehensive training program in North America! Whether it’s help in training for your next level, improving your overall riding skills or developing your teaching methodology, this is the place to do it! With PMBIA certified trainers and an amazing crew of coaches, we strongly urge you to take advantage of what the training program has to offer.

Check out all our training sessions and clinics by clicking on the calendar links.

To sign up for a session/clinic, you will need to:

1) Go to RPOS

2) Enter your pass number (the number under your name on your staff pass)

3) Enter the password 2018$noW

4) Select Training Clinic Sign Up

5) Select Whistler Blackcomb Bike Training as your training group

6) Click 'Sign up' to the right of the desired clinic.

You can also REMOVE yourself from a clinic that you have signed up for but cannot attend by:

1) Instead of selecting Training Clinic Sign up, choose View My Clinics.

2) Click 'Remove' at the right side of the clinic.