An instructor uniform is provided for you to use while working for the season. This year we will be in all Fox apparel consisting of; helmet, pads (knee & elbow), gloves, jerseys (short and long sleeve), rain jacket, shorts, pants and a pack.

Uniforms clothing will be initially distributed as follows:
Full Time – 3 Jerseys (2 short, 1 long sleeve), 1 shorts (to start),1 pants, gloves, Full face helmet (or half-lid for XC coaches, not both), pads, pack (if you didn't receive one last year) and rain jacket (if you didn't receive one last year)
Part Time – 1 short-sleeve Jersey (too start), 1 shorts, gloves and rain jacket (to be returned)
More will become available depending on inventory and need.

The new gear is not ready to be given out yet, so if you are working, please use your old Fox uniform.

Uniforms will be given out by the Springs. We will let you know when uniforms are ready for pick up.

This equipment is provided to us as part of our sponsorship contract and should always be worn while you are at work. Items can be used for personal riding; however, jerseys and rain jackets are NOT to be worn when you are not working. Helmets (full face while in the Bike Park and half shell for XC riding), eyewear, pads (knee and elbow), glove and pack are mandatory while working.

Any uniform items received needs to be worn while working. If equipment doesn’t fit/work for you, you can use your own pads, helmet or pack but you are required to return ay items you are not using for other staff to use. Equipment is yours to keep at the end of the season and will need to be reused the following season. Helmets, pads and packs are replaced every 2 years.

Uniform items should not be sold on Facebook or to friends as they are for your use only. Any unused items should be returned.

Conditions that accompany purchasing a Commencal Staff Bike.

We are very excited about our new partnership with Commencal and continuing our relationships with all our other Bike Park partner. Providing our staff with the best possible bike for their job continues to be a priority and many people work very hard to ensure that remains possible. As Full Time Bike Park employees, you are a critical part of ensuring Whistler Mountain Bike Park remains the best in the world. Our sponsors place significant value on their partnership with the Bike Park, and view you as key ambassadors of their brands.

You are expected to use your bike at work in Whistler Mountain Bike Park. You must maintain your Staff Bike with components from official Whistler Mountain Bike Park sponsors only. If you choose/need to replace a part, it must be with one from a Whistler Mountain Bike Park sponsor.

You can find a full list of components for each of the different Staff Bike's here.https://vailresorts-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/p/loren_m_entwistle/EY72UCTJ1-VKhecXFYyGH_cBgstWgx5HM7xNgdzVzF1M5w?rtime=HPlsm8RK3Eg

Please note, this year all bikes will come equipped with an air shock. This was determined by Commencal and Rock Shox as the best option for all bikes. If you ordered a Meta SX, this is a brand new platform for 2024 and you can find a review of the bike here. As noted in the review, the frame design can limit fitting a full size waterbottle on smaller frames. Consider purchasing an adaptor such as this one from Wolftooth in order to change the mount location. Another option is these Fidlock bottle systems.

You must keep your bike until October 10th, 2024. After that point, you can sell it if you wish to do so. Please keep in mind that we do not have a confirmed arrival date for next year’s bikes.

You are expected to be a good ambassador for Whistler Mountain Bike Park and represent our sponsors professionally.

Failure to adhere to these conditions could result in the loss of your privilege to order a bike in the future, or disciplinary action.