Return Staff Information

Welcome back for Winter 23-24

Welcome back to all staff that have worked for us in the past! We are very excited for the year ahead. Please watch your inbox for an email from wbsspay to confirm your hiring details and wage. Please follow the steps outlined in this email carefully to complete the re-hiring process.

If you need a pass reprinted or club shred sticker or anything like that, please go to the front desk at the springs building.

Pre Season Training

There will be a 3 main pieces to this year's MANDATORY Preseason Training:

1. Snow School Orientation for Return Staff (SSOR) - There will be 3 SSOR sessions 1 virtual and 2 in person at Legends hotel at Whistler Creekside. The in person sessions will be on first come first served basis. Sign up in RPOS.

  • Friday November 24th 5-7 PM Legends Hotel
  • Sunday December 3rd 5-7 PM Legends Hotel
  • Wednesday December 6th 5:30-7:30pm Virtual. meeting link coming soon

2. RST Return Staff Training Your supervisor will reach out with more details. This training will be delivered by your supervisor.

3.Online training on the Lift - to complete when you are hired. This will take 40-80 minutes depending on what you completed last year. You will receive an email with details, follow the instructions carefully.

Required Pre-season Training 23-24 LIFT online training. This link leads to a Knowledge Article that also has a list of FAQs (Frequently asked Questions).

Required training 23 24

Pro Connect/RPOS checking your schedule and sign up for training


Username: 'Your Active Pass number'
Password: $noW2324 (S=$ and the W is capitalized).

Your trusty schedulers are hard at work populating schedules in Pro-Connect also known as RPOS. They should be ready for your viewing as you become active. For more information on scheduling, consult the Scheduling Tab on this website.

Wage & Pay

Please be diligent by submitting any new certifications or proof of experience as soon as you have them. We do not pay retroactively, so it is your responsibility to ensure your wage is correct.
Email WB SS Pay
Wage Document

If you any questions please contact your manager.

manager contact details.

Useful Links

Vail HR Portal:
This is your main portal for Pay Slips, Benefits, Waivers and all HR questions.

Direct Connect has been improved significantly answers for to most staff related questions can be found there. Please have a look in direct connect before contacting your manager or supervisor.
Click direct connect>get help and use the search function.