You will be able to see all changes to your schedule by login in to RPOS (See Scheduling)

Your supervisor is responsible for your pay and will record it in ProConnect/RPOS usually by the end of every day, or by the end of the week. Our pay days are every two weeks; each pay week being from Sunday to Saturday. Payment is by direct deposit only.

Each instructor is responsible for keeping an accurate record of hours worked. Discrepancies between your records and RPOS must be brought to your supervisor's attention promptly.

All instructors are paid in accordance with BC Labour Laws. Here are a couple of things to note:

Instructors are paid a minimum of 2 hours per day when scheduled. However, due to fluctuations in business, you may be called before you come to work asking you not to come in. This will usually be done the night (or more) before the shift. You will not be paid 2 hours in this instance.
The 2 hours will be paid at your teaching rate. You may be asked to perform “industry-related" duties while on standby, i.e. assisting guests in the rental shop, talking to them in the sales line, or shoveling / salting areas to make them safer for guests and staff
Some instructors may be asked to “stand by" for longer than 2 hours. This will be paid to you in 15-minute increments.
Overtime will be paid for staff that work more than 8 hours per day, except for support staff who are either on a 9 or 10-hour schedule. These workers will also get overtime if they exceed their scheduled limit. You will also receive overtime if you work more than 40 hours per week (unless you are on a fortnight schedule.)
In the case where a pro is waiting for a 1/2 day private lesson and the client is late, it is customary to wait for 1 hour from when the lesson was supposed to start. In the case of a full-day lesson, the pro will be expected to be available for 2 hours. The pro will be paid for the entire lesson as long as the lesson has not been cancelled.

Click here to view the official compensation plan document.