New Uniform

We are excited to share that all Snow School staff will be receiving a NEW Helly Hansen uniform for this coming winter. Here are some SUPER important details to share to make this transition to the new uniform a smooth process. In no particular order of importance:

PLEASE return your North Face Uniform now if you’re in town (you cannot pick up your new one yet, but this will make it a quicker experience once they are ready :) You MUST return all pieces, mid-layer, outer pant & jacket. (Freeride & WVSC may keep their TNF for now).

You will need to return your HH uniform at the end of every season (even 5+ year staff). This is to honour our warranty on the products and ensure all pieces are in good working condition for the following winter.

The outer layers (jackets & pants) are shells, so plan your layering accordingly for the upcoming season.

The pant lengths are all the same, HOWEVER, there are ways to make them longer & shorter, yay! There is RED stitching along the bottom seam that can be removed to make the pants 5cm longer. There is also an elastic button system on the inside (as seen in the pictures) to shorten the length. These buttons are on both sides to ensure equal length all around.

There are male & female cuts to the uniform
Uniforms are Helly Tech® Professional – click HERE for more details on the technology.
Helly Hansen is VERY committed to Sustainability, please click HERE for more details.

Due to this commitment to sustainability, their method of waterproofing is a little different from traditional (and harmful to the environment) Gore-Tex. Oil, dirt & salt will affect the waterproofing, so please take good care of your uniform.

Washing – You can bring your uniform into the Springs for a trip to the cleaners, but check in about the turn-around time to ensure you have it back for your next work day. Limited amounts of Nikwax will be available at the Springs if you choose to wash your uniform at home. It’s recommended that you wash it once/month at a minimum to ensure maximum waterproofing.
Outer jackets may start to look “wet” on the outside sooner than Gore-Tex models, but the waterproof membrane is underneath that, so you should still be dry on the inside.

Outer layers can also be popped into a dryer to “re-activate” the waterproofing.Skiers will all be in Blue, Riders will have black pants with a blue jacket.



Interested in finding the right size for you? We will have a supervisor to greet you and help you out with selecting your new uniform size.

This is not a pick-up location just a chance to take your time and get the right size so when you go to pick up at the Spring you know exactly what you want.

Where: Whistler Kids Village Location
When: Every weekday Monday - Friday, November 6 - Nov 17 from 1:30 - 3:30 pm And Saturday, November 11 from 10:00 am -12:00 pm and 1:30 - 3:30 pm

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