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Morning sessions on Whistler and Blackcomb are happening daily. 7:40 am, 7 days a week on both mountains. Whistler: Uniforms optional Blackcomb: Uniform mandatory, no session if 15cm+ of new. Let your supervisor know you are heading to session (kids & privates) Snow School

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Recognize your co workers with an On The Spot. https://vailresorts.service-no...; Or email your supervisor and they can assist.

Instructor Resources and General Info

GROOMING: Grooming reports - Grooming Report

Special/rarely groomed snow school favorites - whistler runs snowschool

LIFTS: Open lifts and carpets vary day to day due to staffing shortages from exclusions. Please check the WB Lift Status

Excellent Dynamic Warm up routine check out this video.

Spanish Cheatsheet for ski terminology